Our experienced consultants are familiar with a range of legal documents and have the necessary skills to bring sensitivity to conducting business in several different business environments, which we know can sometimes be difficult and fraught with pitfalls. In collaboration with our local partners, we offer a range of consultancy services, from assisting with tax matters, to helping you to find a suitable partner and carry out local market research.

You can book an expert based on competences, language pairs and location:

Name: Dr. Nhung Agustoni-Phan

  • Ph.D in Natural Sciences, ETHZ;
  • Master in Geology, University of Lausanne;
  • Author of many books and Conference Speaker on Vietnam Investment Opportunities;
  • Consultancy in Environmental Issues for SDC (Swiss development cooperation):
    Consultancy in Environmental Impact Assessment for landfills in Vietnam;
  • Knowledge of Swiss & Vietnam legal environment, Laws & Procedures.
Language Pairs: E/F/D/V

Localisation: Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland.

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